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Car Detailing & Paint Protection

Why Car Detailing & Paint Protection ?
Cars are our second largest investment after our homes. A healthy Paint & interior ensures a pride ride, Clean & hygiene Interiors will protect us from various Bacterial Infections. Well Maintained cars look new for years and gives good returns on investment in terms of resale value.

We love bright shiny cars, but the paint is under continuous damage, the reason there are four.

  • Salt - in the moisture gets deposited on the surface causing it to corrode.

  • Sunlight – cannot be blocked , its ultraviolet rays does the damage to the exterior.

  • Rainwater – mixed with impurities & slush during monsoons damages the exterior.

  • Emissions from other cars – deposit on the cars paint.

Advantages of Our Work

  • Paint Protected New Cars, will be Preserved in Showroom looks
  • Old Cars will look New as long as Paint is Protected.
  • Clean and Hygiene Car interiors for Healthy travel.
  • Pride Ride

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Paint Protection and Detailing Package

Shampoo Conditioner
Ron & Walters Body work shampoo removes traffic film and greatly assists in preserving overall finish .special additional ingredients include rust inhibitors.


Paint Renovator
Ron & Walters Paint renovator is used in correction of hairline scratches and oxidation. Paint renovator will bring out the actual color and prepare the surface for protection.

Super Resin Polish
Super resin polish hardens and bonds to give exceptional protection and cosmetic effect. It acts has a resistant to deterioration from environmental conditions and weather condition including UV.


Extra Gloss Protection
Ron & Walters Extra Gloss protection is an extra tough protective sealant that contains a complex blend of hard resins. Treated surfaces are protected with a super tough finish to keep paint work looking brilliant for longer.

Vinyl & Rubber Care
Vinyl & Rubber Care conditions and protects interior and exterior surfaces and forms a tough, but flexible antistatic barrier against moisture, dust, oxidation staining and fading. Use on Panels, PVC door , trim strips and door shuts.


Dash Board
Dash Board cleaning & polishing to create barrier against dust and fading.

Fast Glass
Fast Glass both inside and outside to produce a crystal clear. Smear free finish.


Instant Tyre Fressing
Instant Tyre Fressing Will completely revitalize tyres giving a fresh new look.

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