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Questions You May have in Your Mind ?

1. Do I have to bring my Car to you?
YES,Ron & Walters has a full fledged Car Grooming Center,with a team of Professionals trained to cater to your car needs. Professional Car detailing cannot be done in an open area .

2. How do I book an appointment?
A Prior Notice ( 1 or 2 days ) is advisable on Phone or through our website booking . You can connect with us from Tuesday to Sunday. We are closed on Mondays Call us on 9930311635/ 9819799611

3. How much time does it take for Paint Protection & Detailing service or to Polish a car?
The Average Car Takes anywhere between 2 hours to 5 hours depending upon the size of the car and the kind of service availed by the customer. Also factors like colour and Age of the car are to be considered and most importantly the condition of the car in which it is being maintained. For example : A Paint Protection & detailing service for a Sedan car might take 3 hrs while for on an SUV like Toyota Innova might take up to 5 hours.

4. My Car is a Brand New Car do I need to Paint Protect My Car.
First of all we need to understand the difference between Paint Protection & Car Polishing. In Paint Protection we add layers of Coat to the Car Surface to keep the Car's Paint under Protected from Sun light, Bird droppings, Acid Rains and carbon release from other cars.

As far as the question goes why Paint Protection is needed for a brand new car. We need not Badmouth the dealers who sell us the cars. But 95% of Dealers will only coat your car with a car wax before the delivery since it's a new car and the owners will not known the difference . Hence a Professional Paint Protection job with Experts becomes mandatory for new cars.

5. Do you offer Paint Protection AMC 's
Yes, we do provide Annual Car Care Package. For both Individuals, Corporates and Fleet operators. Call us on 9930311635.


Professional Questions you might need an answer :

1. What Products do you use?
We use a International products imported from Uk. , professional grade premium car care products and cleaners which are endorsed for exceptional performance and dependable quality and gives the best possible results.

2. I have a New Car; do I still need Paint Protection & Detailing to be done?
A New Car will all the more require Protection. Since it is exposed to natural elements like sun, rain, pollution, Carbon, tree sap etc. and these elements don't wait to start their damaging effects. Without Professional Paint protection, within the first 3-4 months the car paint with lead to premature fading and dulling of paint finish, making it look much older than it actually is. A Paint sealant treatment shall not only protect and guard your car's finish but also maintain the showroom shine for years to come.

3. How long does the exterior Paint sealant last?
As regards to the exterior paint sealant it purely depends on variables like climatic condition , how often the car gets dirty and wet & is being washed and shampooed etc. On an average a Professional Paint sealant job should last for 5-6 months under normal circumstances compared to a normal waxing job which may only last for a month or two. In other words, one has to understand that a professional grade paint sealant applied by a trained and experienced detailer shall last longer compared to ordinary waxing, under the same conditions.

4. Is it that a Paint protection treatment will make my car scratch proof?
Paint Protection will protect your car from environmental damage, Rusting also fading of the car due to Sun light , Pollution Carbon deposits , bird droppings etc. Nothing can make a car scratch proof considering factors like congested parking lots, careless cyclists, bikers or someone physically scratching a car which is a commonly seen in our country within parking lots or play areas in the building premises.

5. I have Swirl Marks & Scratches on my car can it be removed?
It depends on the type of scratch and the colour of the car. A superficial scratch, the one which has not cut through the paint completely, and is not very deep, can be removed in the process of polishing and get blended with the surrounding paint. Whether it can be removed completely or not will depend on the paint thickness available for working on it. On the other hand a deep scratch which has cut through the paint completely cannot be removed without repainting..

6. My Car has external paint spots (over spray) Can it be removed?
Over spray is basically paint on paint and happens when you have accidentally parked your car near a building, a house or a lamp post by the roadside being painted or some times it can also be cement spray. These external paint spots or over spray can be removed by a proper technical procedure of sanding, compounding, polishing and restoring your paint back to its showroom shine. As additional time and effort would be required in such cases, the cost will also increase depending upon the extent of damage/work involved.

7. Is it advisable to detail my car during rainy weather, anyways it'll be dirty again?
World wide cars are Protected before Rains or Snowfall, so that the paint layer is Intact. In fact, it is mandatory that before the rainy season, your car needs a Professional Paint Protection job . Since the paint is exposed to dirty water continuously. This is when most damage occurs to your car's paint .Due to the acidic contaminants in the rain, making it dull and hazy. Though we understand its painful to see your shining car getting dirty within minutes of driving in the rain, So car's paint always needs protection to keep it shining and prolong its life.

9. Due to flooding / leakage my carpets are soaked in water and stinking, also there is fungus in my car. Can you help?
Yes, Deep Cleaning is a process where we use Dry Carpet shampoo.Cleaning and vacuuming can dry the carpets and get rid of the fungus and bad odour. These are specialized services and will come at an additional cost.

10 . How often Do I Need to Clean May car Interiors ?.
We recommend that you use a Professional Car cleaning service to clean your car alteast once in 4 months. Please understand that you walk in your car with your shoes almost every day, Your car A/c will only take the air from your interiors and use it for cooling. Hence , when you have yourself and your family traveling in the car it becomes mandatory to clean the car on regular intervals. The car Uphosterly / roof accumulates and lot of dust which will not be seen with a naked eyes.The car needs to be vacummed and shampoo cleaned at regular intervals.

Benefits of Work

  • High Gloss polish
  • Paint Restoration
  • Prevents color fading
  • Protection from U.V Rays
  • Protection from pollution (Oxidation)
  • Cleans and Freshness car interior

Benefits of Work

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